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coyotes too near the house at night

The Andy(tm) and i are on a mini-vacation in Oregon.  We took the train down wednesday so that i could see Caravan Palace (Last.fm, MySpace, website en Français), a French electro-swing band, on one of their few tour dates in the U.S.  Andy’s (step)brother was working the concert as a photographer for the local paper, so we got to hang out with him for awhile during the concert and then went for snacks and beer afterward, which was great because we hadn’t seen him in…

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recommending: Zee Avi

This past weekend, Andy and i finally tracked down a rare creature indeed: A CD WE BOTH REALLY LIKE. It’s Zee Avi‘s self-titled debut album. We were turned onto her music back in december by our friend Wings, who runs the infamous Star Life Cafe where Andy and i wind up spending ridic amounts of time. Wings gave us a burned CD with music he thought we’d like, including Zee Avi. Ever since we’ve been trying to track down a legit CD so that (a)…

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