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a tad warmish [+photo]

We’ve been having something of a heatwave lately — as these 2 cats are very eager to tell you, sprawled out on their respective couches.   It’s been somewhere in the 80°F-range for so long that i can’t even remember when it started.  The weather app on my phone claims it could be back into the 70°s toward the end of the week, but i’m waiting to see what the forecast is from my good neighbor, the UW’s Atmospheric Sciences Department. Our new place has…

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the joys of home-ownership : the electrical box

When I find the joker who did this: This is the electrical box in our new place.  Apparently, all we have to guide us around the electricity in this joint is “Lites and Plugs”, “Lites and Plugs”, “Lites and Plugs”, “Lites and Plugs”, “Dining Studio”, and “Range”. WELL.  “Range” is correct at least!  Andy and I have just spent a very amusing half-hour mapping the electrical box correctly.  Granted, this does not explain why 3 switches seem to do the bulk of the work around…

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2nd tomatoes of the season [+photo]

These are “hahms gelbe topftomate”.  I bought the seeds from Gayla at You Grow Girl early last year, i believe. These are really compact and work great in containers.  They were also super delicious.  Definitely going to grow them again next year, and may even try to grow some starts for a coworker who likes to grow tomatoes in the tiny space available to her at her condo.  She’s found that non-red varieties last well because passers-by think they’re not ripe and so don’t pick…

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