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the joys of home-ownership : the electrical box
chris. | 28 November 2014 | 4:38 pm | Cobweb Cottage | Only Pings

When I find the joker who did this:

electrical box in this joint we bought

This is the electrical box in our new place.  Apparently, all we have to guide us around the electricity in this joint is “Lites and Plugs”, “Lites and Plugs”, “Lites and Plugs”, “Lites and Plugs”, “Dining Studio”, and “Range”.

WELL.  “Range” is correct at least!  Andy and I have just spent a very amusing half-hour mapping the electrical box correctly.  Granted, this does not explain why 3 switches seem to do the bulk of the work around here while 2 switches only have about 2 outlets each on them.

There was a hairy moment where I thought for sure the added-by-the-previous-owners outlet where their entertainment system had been was going to turn out to be in our neighbor’s electrical system, thus testing my morals on the subject of whether to tell them or not.  But, no, it’s on a switch all its own in our box.

Whatever, it’s an 85-year-old building, things are weird, and electricians think differently from the rest of us1.  But Andy and I are now convinced that about year 2 we’re going to see about  getting an electrician in here to add some more outlets and perhaps make sense of the wiring vis-a-vis the electrical box.

For now, at least I know that when Andy is ready to work on changing the overhead light in the dining room, the power is going to go out in the study and I’m going to have to find a book to read.  Yes, you might say I learned this the hard way.

  1. My father was trained as an electrician, and god knows his thinking is not like normal humans’. []
2nd tomatoes of the season [+photo]
chris. | 20 August 2014 | 2:59 pm | (garden) 2014, Upstairs Farm | Only Pings

tomatoes -- hahms gelbe

These are “hahms gelbe topftomate”.  I bought the seeds from Gayla at You Grow Girl early last year, i believe.

These are really compact and work great in containers.  They were also super delicious.  Definitely going to grow them again next year, and may even try to grow some starts for a coworker who likes to grow tomatoes in the tiny space available to her at her condo.  She’s found that non-red varieties last well because passers-by think they’re not ripe and so don’t pick them. :) Heh.

1st tomatoes of the season [+photo]
chris. | 9 August 2014 | 7:06 pm | (garden) 2014 | Only Pings

2 ripe red ditmarsher cherry tomatoes

Type:  Ditmarsher.  Current location:  Mah belleh.

when I lived in Ur [+photo]
chris. | 3 August 2014 | 9:20 pm | Glitch, wrdnrd | Only Pings

hand-drawn diagram for planning my Glitch home street

One thing i’m trying to get better about is taking pictures of silly mementos instead of holding onto random pieces of paper.

Case in point, this image.  It’s a crappy hand-drawn diagram i made, but i’ve held onto it because when i played Glitch and the final housing system was released, i spent days thinking about and planning my front yard before i implemented anything.  My diagram paid off because the yard turned out exactly the way i wanted it.

You can see more of my snaps from Glitch at the game’s archive site.

parkour shadow [+photo]
chris. | 2 August 2014 | 3:05 pm | errant pedant | 4 Comments

Last Sunday, i finally bought a bike helmet to replace the one i had to throw away when we were moving.  (It turns out that bike helmets have a life span, even if you never have an accident!)  I persuaded Andy to accompany me on a trek to the UW campus — pretty easily persuaded, when i asked him if he wanted to try doing some very light1 parkour in Red Square.  So i biked over and he jogged a bit and we met in Red Square where he practiced some balances.  The evening sunlight against Suzzallo Library was gorgeous, and i lucked into this shot of Andy’s parkour shadow.

Andy's shadow against Suzzallo Library

  1. He’s still recovering from his torn Achilles. []
Andy at 20 — long hair, goatee [+photo]
chris. | 17 June 2014 | 9:33 pm | errant pedant | Only Pings

When Andy and i visited friends in Boston last September, i mentioned at one point that Andy had long hair and a goatee when we met.  Since he’s clean-shaven and close-cropped these days, our friends found it hard to believe.

Well.  One finds the most wonderful things when one is packing to move.

Behold, Andy at 201:

20-year-old white cutie with long, dark hair & a goatee

OH, EXCUSE ME.  I have been informed that this picture must also be posted:

cute white guy in a lab coat doing science

So sciency.  So sexy.  Tho’, to be fair, i thought lab coats were really, really sexy until i met an actual real life working lab coat.  A lab coat that’s been used for actual science is, as you can see from Andy’s sleeve, fucking nasty.  We still haven’t gotten rid of his lab coat, because i’m not sure what proper hazmat disposal would be.

  1. He’s 35 right now.  SO OLD. []