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for the #DiversityInSff hashtag — book recs

Today Twitter has been hopping with the #DiversityInSff hashtag.  It’s been interesting and useful conversation — check it out! When i saw people asking for book recs, i braindumped all the useful awards lists i could think of: SFF by women: http://t.co/UopsjontRJ (via @broaduniverse) #DiversityInSff — wrdnrd (@wrdnrd) September 4, 2013   SFF by writers of color: http://t.co/Fp3AlekIIf (via @carlbrandon) #DiversityInSff — wrdnrd (@wrdnrd) September 4, 2013   SFF that expands our understanding of gender: http://t.co/yBvZ0fOvem (look at lists under “Award” tab) (via Tiptree .org)…

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wind-up Jess

One of my favorite toys when i was little (and very nearly the only doll i had for a long time) was a Drowsy doll.  If you gave a tug on the pull-string, she’d say something like “I go sleep now, night night!” or “I want another drink of water!!” or she’d cry or laugh or whatever. Perhaps someone should have warned of my evil tendency toward making others talk for my amusement.  [maniacal laugh MANIACAL LAUGH]  Then she’d have been prepared for when i…

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There is someone in my life whom i can really only describe as the most classist liberal i’ve ever met.  Of course social mobility upward is the only right and proper thing for someone born poor, right?? Yet i was somehow still legitimately shocked when, during a discussion of language change1, this person quipped that the problem was probably “too many people who live in trailers”. Oh, you didn’t…. Trailer trash manifesto, part 1:  You do not have the right to determine that another human…

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