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Summer Sunday afternoon tea [+photo]

Years ago — a decade or more — my beloved twin gifted me with a set of pretty teacup covers to use when taking tea outdoors. I rarely had a chance to use them for a long time.  Our first apartment had a balcony of decent size, but we had little enough furniture for the apartment let alone furniture for the deck. Our second apartment had a balcony that was either an okay size for my garden or an okay size for a cafe table…

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mastering the art of eating Andy’s French cooking

As we planned our 2012 trip to Paris, one thing i was curious about was whether or not we would fall in love with the food. Ohhhhhh, naive Past Wrdnrd. One of our favorite places was Le Potager du Marais, a vegetarian restaurant in the 3me arrondissement.  We went there for dinner one of our 1st nights Paris, then we went back again once joined us on our second weekend. Our other favorite place, which, alas!, we were not able to return to, was this…

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Fandom, help me find a thing!

Somehow Andy and i have misplaced our copies of the “Hitchhiker’s Guide” series.  Of all the redundant books we had after we got together, i cannot believe THIS is what we’ve misplaced1.  Andy reports that he knows we have the hardcover of Mostly Harmless, which i think you will agree is not the least bit satisfying. Update!  Since beginning this post we have come across my paperback copy of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.  At least this means we haven’t lost them…

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