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Cat pictures! Cat video! Ilse! Ilse! Ilse!!!

Ilse came to live with us because her people moved to Japan.  Originally our friends were expecting to take all 4 of their cats, but by the saturday before they left they were having second thoughts about taking their 2 oldest cats.  That’s when Andy and i walked in — literally.  We stopped by the house to pick up a few more things and were greeted with, “Take whatever you want!  Everything must go!!”  Thinking they were still taking all 4 cats, i joked about…

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The Battle of the Cat Grass

Our cats adore cat grass.  They go as crazy for the grass as they do for the weed1.  I have to hide the cat grass on top of the fridge during the day2 and only bring it out for brief periods at a time.  They all come running when i put it down, which is quite adorable. Also adorable?  Sometimes a fight breaks out: That’s Eleanor trying to get Fergus (the grey tuxedo cat) to lay off “her” grass.  Surprisingly, she gives up!  This doesn’t…

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Edward v. the lemon tree

This is totally an experiment. I’ve never shot video nor uploaded it to the web!  This was shot on my phone, hence crappy quality.  It’s an .flv file and there should be a Flash player right below this paragraph.  The video’s pretty short — only 12 seconds.  Let me know what you think!  Story behind the video is below the player. What’s going? Our (moderately huge) orange stripy cat Edward is trying to check out my Meyer lemon tree.  The hilarious part is that he…

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