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my insightful film critique is not welcome

Talking with Mathew at his birthday party the other week.  He mentioned “Brian’s Song”. me:  “Oh, yeah, hey i finally got around to watching that last autumn.  As the credits rolled at the end i thought to myself, ‘Oh, i see, it’s just “Kamikaze Girls“, but with boys, and with football instead of scooters.’” Mathew:  …  “Well, thanks, now i can never watch ‘Brian’s Song’ again.” Here, i’ll make it up to you!  Have the song from the “Kamikaze Girls” end credits.  :D

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‘Mahogany’ (Gordy, Berry. 1975.)

Overall “Mahogany” was pretty horrible, unfortunately. What a waste of potential. — wrdnrd (@wrdnrd) October 7, 2013   “Mahogany” is about Tracy, who’s from Chicago’s South Side.  She works in a department store but dreams of becoming a fashion designer — she takes night classes and has a relative, who works in the garment industry, who makes her designs.  Brian’s also from South Side, used to be a lawyer, and now is running for alderman (pretty unsuccessfully) on a platform of trying to help people…

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‘Lady Sings the Blues’ (Furie, Sidney J. 1972.)

There are 2 things that bothered me about “Lady Sings the Blues”.  First, if the Wikipedia article on Billie Holiday is in any way accurate (and i generally estimate bios on Wikipedia to be at least 50% accurate), then the film only gives the barest outline of her life.  For one thing, Billie was married at least once before Louis McKay.  Second, as good as Diana Ross is, i was never once fooled into seeing her as Billie Holiday.  There is just not sufficient resemblance…

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