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the great @lizhenry on WisCon Dudes

Andy and i were discussing Yet Another Heinous WisCon Situation tonight.  He ultimately exclaimed, “What is it with certain WisCon conversations where A Dude seems to always think he knows better??” “Well,” i said, “it’s exactly like Liz Henry said during the convention….” Oh i’m in the presence of greatness i think i’ll open my fool mouth “So Many WisCon Dudes” <— why why why — Liz Henry (@lizhenry) May 25, 2014 I need this to be a sticker that i can affix to my…

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WisCon class panels yet to come

One of these years, we’ll have a really crunchy panel about how we’re chasing upper-class ideas of what success and comfort and happiness look like, and how credit cards have enabled/accelerated this process so that now we’re crushed beneath personal debt, and how the quest for cheaper consumables has maintained our need for a slave labor force which we are now simply outsourcing. But i’m not sure this is the year.  Are we ready to take that big a blow to our collective privilege?

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