visualization of a lunch break [+photo]

The wonders of the internet.  On my lunch break, i walked past the local used bookstore.  It had 3 of Edward Tufte‘s books in the window.  I made a beeline inside and asked to put them on hold until the end of the day.

Then i tweeted:

The answer, less than a minute later, was:


3 hardcover books by Edward Tufte, crammed into my work bag.
Edward Tufte’s books in my work bag.

About 8 or 9 years ago i came across a hardcover of “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information” in a New York City used bookstore.  I hadn’t heard of Edward Tufte then, but the book looked interesting.  I decided to pass, not wanting to haul it back to Seattle during a trip where i was only traveling carry-on.

I’d been kicking myself since.

Summer Sunday afternoon tea [+photo]

A white teacup and saucer, covered with a lacy teacup cover weighted with colored beads.
Gma’s china and Twin’s teacup cover.

Years ago — a decade or more — my beloved twin gifted me with a set of pretty teacup covers to use when taking tea outdoors.

I rarely had a chance to use them for a long time.  Our first apartment had a balcony of decent size, but we had little enough furniture for the apartment let alone furniture for the deck.

Our second apartment had a balcony that was either an okay size for my garden or an okay size for a cafe table and chairs.  The garden won.

Cobweb Cottage, however, has a communal deck that runs the entire length of the back half of the building.  Now i am free to take tea outside as often as the weather permits — and, inevitably, if Andy can’t find me anywhere in the house then i am for sure out back sitting at the deck table.

And, quite often, i am sipping tea (perhaps from my grandmother’s china) and thinking of my twin. <3