#FannishCV — the playlist itself
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Oh.  Right.  If you’re on Spotify, you’re welcome to follow my #FannishCV playlist if you want (previous liner notes post):

And here is an embed code. What does it do?? LET’S FIND OUT:

Well.  Innerestin’.

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I am not, for the most part, a superstitious person.  But one thing i do believe in is my own ability to jinx myself.

Case in point: This post.  Which i started writing in early December.  I knew i shouldn’t have tempted the fates!

I know there are, like, 20-some days left in 2014, but i am seriously hoping to just run out the clock on this year.

Winter Quarter, school-wise, was dreadful.  I don’t want to talk about it.  To cheer me up, Andy and i spent the last day of the term squinting at the finances and realizing that we could, after all, finally pay off our student loans in total.  I took out my 1st student loan in January of 1991, so this was incredibly monumental.  I got drunk on the reality of being student-loan-free, and then i got drunk on sake.

I reveled in the idea of spring break by plucking a Le Guin book off our shelves.  I’d been thinking of re-reading the Earthsea cycle again, but wanted to wait on that to really treat myself later in the year when i could lavish time on it1  From amongst Lathe of Heaven and Left Hand of Darkness and The Dispossessed, i somehow wound up grabbing the latter.  And it was utterly amazing.

Which was good, because it meant i had something engrossing on-hand to read when, the weekend that spring break was ending, i found myself visiting 2 different ERs 3 times total.

First, we had to take our Eleanor cat in to see why she kept throwing up.  They found a mass in her intestine.  She spent most of the weekend there, but Sunday morning we picked her up to bring her home for a brief reprieve before the Monday-morning surgery to remove as much of the mass as they could.

Sunday afternoon, i got a call from Andy that he’d gotten injured during parkour and would be going to the ER.  Turned out he’d torn his Achilles tendon.  The ER thought he might need surgery.  Ultimately he didn’t, hooray!  But on Sunday i figured i spent all of 6 hours not in an ER somewhere.  Thank goodness for The Dispossessed!!!

All of April was a blur.  Eleanor’s mass turned out to be from a pretty aggressive cancer.  We had to feed her thru’ a tube in her neck.  And Andy was in a boot and on crutches the entire month.  I wound up not taking any class whatsoever.

And at the very end of April, Andy emailed our real estate agent to tell him we’d be taking a break from looking for a house to buy.  Naturally just 3 days later i found the perfect place — in fact, the exact place we’d been dreaming of getting, maybe, some day, if we were extremely lucky.  That was a Friday night.  Saturday our agent took us to see the place.  Sunday Andy (now upgraded to just a cane) and i returned for the open house.  Monday we crunched numbers and told our agent we were going for it.

Thursday evening we signed the papers for mutual agreement.  And 5 minutes later were in a Zipcar taking Eleanor to the vet to have her put to sleep.

Then there was all the house-buying paperwork.  WisCon in there somewhere.  More paperwork.  The bank taking their sweet time about closing.  We moved closing one week.  We juggled around amongst several movers and floor-refinishers.  The bank was still taking their sweet time.  We moved closing another week.  We took a too-brief trip to the Oregon coast to visit Andy’s mother and grandfather.  We drove all the way from the coast back up to Seattle in order to meet the mobile notary who led us through a humongous stack of papers in order to officially buy our new home.

So much for that feeling of being (credit card aside) debt-free after paying off the student loans!

Annnnd then our internet company turned out to be a bag of assholes and we had no internet for the entire month of July.

After that, things pretty much settled.  I feel like i’ve been spending this latter half of the year trying to make up for all the stressed sleep of the first half of the year.

These next 20-some days better be perfectly quiet and lovely.

  1. Note: This has yet to happen.  [sadface] []
#FannishCV playlist liner notes
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Awhile back i started putting together a Spotify playlist of songs from fanvids i like. It might have been right after a WisCon when i wanted to keep the good vibes going. Or maybe it was the year we skipped WisCon. At any rate, listening to the playlist invariably perks me up and helps me power thru’ an afternoon.

When [personal profile] raanve recently asked me to share the playlist with her, i realized that Spotify lacked a marginalia feature. Herewith, the annotated companion to my #FannishCV playlist. This also gives me a good reason to hunt up all the vids i’ve loved and have failed to bookmark or download.

“I Was Here” | Toph & Teo (“Avatar: The Last Airbender”)

“White & Nerdy” (Because DUH.)

“Closer” | Kirk/Spock (“Star Trek” original series)

“Starships” | Multifandom (original by bironic; monochromatic remix by Jetpack Monkey)

“Tik Tok” | “Star Trek” original series

“Dancing With Myself” | Gene Kelly

“I’m A Believer” | Sakaki and yamamaia (“Azumanga Daioh”)

“Love Shack” | “Evil Dead” & “Army of Darkness”

“Just A Girl” | the women of “Doctor Who”

“Fever” | Holmes/Watson (“Sherlock Holmes” RDJ/Law)

“Going Down / Love In An Elevator” | Because i swear some day we’ll create the awesome filmed-at-WisCon fanvid tribute to the Concourse’s elevator lady. “Fourth Floor“.

“Mama Said Knock You Out” | Toph Bei Fong & Lin Bei Fong (“Avatar: The Last Airbender” & “Legend of Korra” season 1)

“Handlebars” | The Doctor (David Tennant/”Doctor Who”)

“Glory Of Love” | Sgt. Angel / Sgt. Butterman (“Hot Fuzz”)

“It’s Raining Men” | English lit period dramas

“Girlfriend” | House/Wilson (“House”)

“Space Oddity” | Troy/Abed (“Community”)

“Too Many Dicks (On The Dance Floor)” | J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek”

“Vogue” | “300”

“Roll A D6″ | (Again, DUH.)

“Who Needs Sleep” | “Elementary”

“Rockin’ The Suburbs” | Because of meeting Sumana at WisCon the other year and hearing her filk the following:
I’m judgin’ the Tiptree
Just like Tempest Bradford did
I’m judgin’ the Tiptree
Except she was talented.

“9 To 5″ | “Lego Star Wars”

“I’ve Been To A Marvellous Party” | English language period dramas

“Stayin’ Alive” | (a) Because of Moriarty’s ringtone in “Sherlock”; (b) That time a coworker shared a Rita Hayworth vid and tried to act like they knew something about vids.

“Don’t Stop Believin'” | J.J. Abram’s “Star Trek”  [Can’t seem to find quite the right one online.]

“Bohemian Rhapsody” | “Legend of Zelda: Windwaker”

“Ballroom Blitz” | My tribute to wank everywhere.

the joys of home-ownership : the electrical box
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When I find the joker who did this:

electrical box in this joint we bought

This is the electrical box in our new place.  Apparently, all we have to guide us around the electricity in this joint is “Lites and Plugs”, “Lites and Plugs”, “Lites and Plugs”, “Lites and Plugs”, “Dining Studio”, and “Range”.

WELL.  “Range” is correct at least!  Andy and I have just spent a very amusing half-hour mapping the electrical box correctly.  Granted, this does not explain why 3 switches seem to do the bulk of the work around here while 2 switches only have about 2 outlets each on them.

There was a hairy moment where I thought for sure the added-by-the-previous-owners outlet where their entertainment system had been was going to turn out to be in our neighbor’s electrical system, thus testing my morals on the subject of whether to tell them or not.  But, no, it’s on a switch all its own in our box.

Whatever, it’s an 85-year-old building, things are weird, and electricians think differently from the rest of us1.  But Andy and I are now convinced that about year 2 we’re going to see about  getting an electrician in here to add some more outlets and perhaps make sense of the wiring vis-a-vis the electrical box.

For now, at least I know that when Andy is ready to work on changing the overhead light in the dining room, the power is going to go out in the study and I’m going to have to find a book to read.  Yes, you might say I learned this the hard way.

  1. My father was trained as an electrician, and god knows his thinking is not like normal humans’. []
2nd tomatoes of the season [+photo]
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tomatoes -- hahms gelbe

These are “hahms gelbe topftomate”.  I bought the seeds from Gayla at You Grow Girl early last year, i believe.

These are really compact and work great in containers.  They were also super delicious.  Definitely going to grow them again next year, and may even try to grow some starts for a coworker who likes to grow tomatoes in the tiny space available to her at her condo.  She’s found that non-red varieties last well because passers-by think they’re not ripe and so don’t pick them. :) Heh.

1st tomatoes of the season [+photo]
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2 ripe red ditmarsher cherry tomatoes

Type:  Ditmarsher.  Current location:  Mah belleh.