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Wrdnrd/ November 19, 2022/ The lab notes

I’ve been a near-daily user of Twitter since i joined in 2009. Despite its flaws, i’ve loved Twitter because it’s been such a wonderful way to keep up with friends (and make new friends!) on a week-by-week basis. But i’m pretty anti- Elon Musk, so thus ends the great era of Wrdnrd’s witticisms on that platform. And considering the regular chaos that Musk is sowing, it seems prudent to start up again the time honored tradition of maintaining a “where to find me elsewhere on the web” list.

In theory, this website is what i consider my online home — it’s why i restarted it back in January this year. Comments are definitely welcome (unless you’re a jerk). I’ll try to be more present!

You can also find me on Dreamwidth and Tumblr:

  • Wrdnrd @ Dreamwidth — I don’t post much publicly (or at all, really), but sometimes i do!
  • Wrdnrd @ Tumblr — I’m mostly a reTumblr-er and don’t post much original content.

I’m trying out Mastodon, and i’ll probably stay if a critical mass of my friends also join, altho’ i’m still trying to figure out what instance will work best for me. Currently i’m on Mastodon.social as Wrdnrd.

Technically i’m on Pillowfort, but i don’t know anyone else there so i am begging you to leave me a comment and let me know your handle if you are!

I am not on Facebook. Nor am i on Instagram. There is a Wrdnrd on Instagram, and it is not me. There’s also a Wrdnrd on Reddit, and they are also not me. Who are these doppelgangers??