Wrdnrd elseweb

Wrdnrd/ November 19, 2022/ The lab notes

I’ve been a near-daily user of Twitter since i joined in 2009, but considering the current chaos it seems prudent to start up again the time honored tradition of maintaining a “where to find me elsewhere on the web” list!

The horseradish of our dreams

Wrdnrd/ January 16, 2022/ Garden notes, Kitchen notes

It only took 15 years, buying a house, and lucking across some clay pipes at Gpa Kelly’s, but FINALLY we were able to grow a decent horseradish root ourselves. I am happy to share the things we’ve learned to make it easier for someone else.

Green fairy most bitter

Wrdnrd/ January 3, 2022/ Garden notes, Kitchen notes

My first real experiment in achieving the hardball stage for homemade candy was a great success! I just maybe shouldn’t have been trying to make candies using wormwood, because that flavor was … less successful.