Hi. I’m Wrdnrd. Or you can call me Chris — either’s fine.

These days i live in Seattle, but i was born and raised in rural Central Pennsylvania. One of the family members who helped raise me was himself raised by someone who still spoke Pennsylvania Dutch. On the other side of my family we had caraway-seasoned sauerkraut, roast pork, and potato dumplings every New Year’s Day. Somewhere in between there was a lot of Irish-American, too.

Growing up i was probably heavily influenced by being raised by grandparents who survived the Depression (repair and reuse it if you can), our borough’s recycling program (recycle it if you can’t reuse it), my parents’ involvement in various Scouting activities (pack in, pack out), and the general back-to-the-land atmosphere of the ’70s (if you can do it yourself, do so). I’m not going to say that the spouse and i are living the homestead lifestyle, but i do love to garden and grow my own food, and if i can make something from scratch i’ll try it at least once. Spouse and i both bake bread; i make yogurt, and he makes tofu; i love hand-churning butter; he cooks almost all of our food; i grow most of our herbs and, increasingly, many of our vegetables. A friend called it “symbiosis.”

Professionally i write, edit, and design print and digital publications. Avocationally i’ve always been a zinester at heart — typewriters! cut-and-paste! glue sticks!

Welcome to my tiny little zine-blog in an out-of-the-way corner of the internet. I love polite, curious, friendly commenters. I don’t like assholes.

Once upon a time

I’ve run a blog as ‘wrdnrd’ off an on since about 2001 (anyone else remember Radio UserLand?). I still have the files from the most recent iteration of wrdnrd.net, and there are some things i know i want to preserve. Maybe some day i’ll get them uploaded here.